FAME Dairy App is an android based Mobile App to make dairy farmer of rural & semi-urban areas a part of the Whitetech Revolution. FAME Dairy App delivers Advisory 24/7 on various aspects of efficiently running the dairy farm.

credible advisory icon

Provides credible Knowledge on cattleā€™s healthcare disease Management

Deatiled record icon

Captures cattle wise details of the entire farm for easy health tracking including breeding, herd management & insemination

Buy & sell icon

Provides platform for the sale and purchase of cattle to reduce exploitation of dairy farmers by middlemen

wholesale pricing icon

Availability of dairy inputs like fodder, medicines etc at competitive prices through FAME Service Centres

Maintains daily expense icon

Track expenses as well as the changes in income vs expenses

Milk produced & sold Icons

Maintains cattle wise as well as farm view of the milk sold & milk producion over a desired period of time for analyzing varying prices of milk in each month

Reports icon

Access to multitude of reports that give a broad as well as detailed insights into the dairy business & the health of his cattle