India is the 2nd largest producer of footwear in the world with Agra being one of the largest leather footwear cluster

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Over 60% of Agra’s population depends on footwear trade for livelihood

[ 2 ]

Annual shoe business of Agra is over Rs.832 Crores

[ 3 ]

Agra contributes over 28% to India’s overall footwear exports

[ 4 ]

Agra contributes 65% to national domestic demand

Despite a thriving & lucrative industry, a large part of Agra’s population is unable to benefit

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Low skilled labour

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No opportunities to build skill

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Minimum Participation of women

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Lack of know-how to start their own enterprise

Recognizing Women as ‘Agents of Change’ and the potential, they hold in transforming themselves & their family’s lives. FAME launched its Agra Shoe Artisans Program for their women from marginalized communities. The program focuses on creating livelihood opportunities for the women through skilling & developmental training. FAME’s Shoe Artisans Program is providing end-to-end support to women helping them to build a career in the shoe manufacturing sector.

In-House Training Centre

FAME runs its own Training Centre where women from marginalized & minority communities are trained on all the aspects of shoe manufacturing. They are provided with both theoretical and hands-on training to manufacture high-quality shoes.

The women are also provided knowledge on design trends in the market and trained to maintain the quality standard of the shoes they create.

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Industrial Exposure

Along with training FAME also creates opportunities for women to visit the Agra shoe industries to learn about the new techniques & advancements in the shoe sector. These visits help women to

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Enhance their
Practical Knowledge

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the Latest

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Explore opportunities
to find employment

Livelihood Opportunities

FAME collaborates with shoe manufacturing units in Agra & provides job work opportunities to these women. This ensures the women use the skills they have learnt at the FAME Centre to earn a regular income and continue honing their skills.

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Enhanced Standard of Living

Marketing & Branding Support

FAME provides training and hands-on support for online & offline sales helping them leverage both mediums to enhance revenue. FAME also supports the women in setting up display stalls to showcase their products

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Digital Literacy

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Marketing Support
to expand reach

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in Exhibition

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Setting up
Online Stores