Indian sports goods market is estimated to grow to 6.6 bn by 2027 with Meerut accounting for nearly 20% of India’s total sports goods output

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Over 50K people are employed in sports goods manufacturing

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Accounts for nearly 70% of the total domestic produce

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The city’s sports industry turnover is around Rs 7,500 crore

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Goods produced are supplied to over 130 countries

Meerut sports industry, despite contributing 70% of the total domestic demand for sports goods, faces challenges that hinder its growth in the competitive global market

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Skilled labour shortage

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No Opportunities to build skills

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No standardisation of product quality

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Unfair wages to women sports manufacturers

FAME Sports Cluster Development Program focuses on upskilling women sports manufacturers who have always been important contributors to manufacturing but are often overlooked. This program does not just improve livelihood opportunities for women sports manufacturers but also works towards eliminating gender disparity in the sector. This Program aims to boost the confidence of women in sports manufacturing, helping them thrive in the industry

Skill Enhancement

FAME has on-boarded specialists in sports manufacturing as trainers to provide comprehensive skills to women sports manufacturers on creating good quality footballs & cricket balls

Beyond technical expertise women trainees are provided tips and techniques for enhancing their productivity and the quality of the products they create

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Product Quality

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Livelihood Opportunities

FAME partners with sports goods manufacturing units in Meerut and provides job work opportunities for skilled women. This initiative ensures that these women receive higher wages establishing a steady and reliable source of income for them

These women are not just becoming financially independent but also earning long overdue recognition for the quality of products that they are creating

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Higher Wages

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Regular Income

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in society

Enhanced standard of living

Standard of living