About DIWA

DIWA (Development Initiative for Women Association) is FAME’s Entrepreneurship Development Project that is focussed towards supporting women from marginalised communities in urban and semi-urban areas to set up their own business of savouries.


Under this project, FAME is providing hands-on training to these women on all aspects of running a successful enterprise along with infrastructure and machinery support

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Lack of Livelihood Opportunities for women in rural areas

[ 1 ]

Gender Disparities
persists in India despite
widespread microcredit

[ 2 ]

gender disparities
in rural areas

[ 3 ]

Indian women’s economic
participation & opportunity
score is worse than 95%
of countries

[ 4 ]

Lack of skills &
confine women to
homemaking roles

Savouries market in India estimated to increase by $3162 Mn from 2023 to 2027

[ 1 ]

Growing demand for
retail outlets in Tier-II
& Tier-III cities in India

[ 2 ]

Over 1000
varieties of Indian
snacks exist

[ 3 ]

Local brands have huge
opportunities in rural &
semi-urban markets

[ 4 ]

Low capital-intensive
business with growth

FAME launched ‘DIWA’ aiming to catalyse entrepreneurship in India’s rural and semi-urban areas. The program specifically focuses on empowering women, primarily homemakers whose potential remains dormant due to lack of skills. With FAME’s support, these women have bravely embarked on a journey towards financial independence, redefining their own identities in the process


FAME runs its own Training Centre where a group of women are trained by a skilled trainer in all aspects of savoury manufacturing.


The women are provided hands-on training along with imparting essential skills ranging from manufacturing savouries to quality control and safety measures in production

Infrastructure & Machinery Setup

FAME has created a complete infrastructure and machinery set-up required for manufacturing good quality savouries.We aim to equip women with the knowledge & resources needed to start their own enterprise

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Raw Materials

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Procurement & installation
of Machineries

Branding & Marketing

FAME provides comprehensive branding support to the trained women. The thoughtful branding & packaging allows customers to connect with the mission of project and the social impact it carries

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Impactful Communication
with end-user

Creating Distribution Network

FAME provides support and guidance in
establishing market linkages, fostering
the creation of a resilient market for
savoury products

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Local Shop

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