India is the largest producer of milk in the world.

[ 1 ]

Contributes 23%
of global milk

[ 2 ]

Contributes 5% to
country’s economy

[ 3 ]

Major contributor to
the growth of
rural economy

[ 4 ]

Provides employment
to over 80
crore farmers

Globally, milk production is growing at the rate of 2%  while in India its growth rate is more than 6%

Despite the exponential growth of the dairy industry and it being the lifeline of the rural economy in India, this sector has become one of the most vulnerable sectors

Feed management chalenges icon

Feed Management

Poor health management icon

Poor Health

Lack of training

Lack of

low milk prices icon

Low Milk

Healthcare Services

The objective of our healthcare services initiative is to address the challenges faced by dairy farmer members in accessing credible medical advisory for their livestock providing them

Credible advisory

Credible Advisory
by certified doctors

Disease management icon

Increased Awareness
on Disease Management

Increase milk production icon

Increased Milk

Doorstep Veterinary Service

FAME has on-boarded certified vet doctors to provide doorstep veterinary services and ensuring prompt and credible treatment for cattle

Timely Disease diagnosis icon

Timely Disease

Free Vaccination icon

Free Vaccination
of Livestock

Reduce Expenditure Icon

Reduce Healthcare

FAME Service Centres

Through the Fame Service Centers (FSC)
benefits of collective purchasing
is passed to our members

whole sale pricing icon


Reduces input expenditure

Reduces Input

Readily Available Mineral mixture icon

Strategically located in the
villages of our members to
ensure convenient access

collective purchasing icon

Advocacy to pool resources to purchase mineral mixture and other inputs at wholesale pricing

Milk Collection Centres

Our objective for opening Milk Collection Centres is to ensure that our dairy farmer members receive a fair price for their milk based on quality of milk

Collaboration with Amul Icon

Establishing direct connections between dairy farmers & milk companies

Higher Rate of Milk Icon

Providing Higher rate of milk to our dairy farmer members

FAME Collaborates With
Banas Dairy (A Unit of Amul)

FAME and Banas have joined hands to augment the income of dairy farmers in rural areas and save them from extortionary practices of middlemen

Higher Revenue icon


Grants icon

Grants for Milk Collection Centres

Eliminating Middlemen icon

Eliminating the dependency on middlemen